"It wasn’t just my organization and work-life that thrived; my family life improved, too. "
Elizabeth Sheehan, Founder & President - Care 2 Communities
Join Camille Preston, Ph.D., PCC for a Free 30-min High-Impact Online Learning Experience.
Each month we invite you to participate in a sprint-style learning series. Each month we will explore a new topic ranging from motivation and bandwidth to avoiding terror’s edge & staying in the learning zone. 

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 at 12 PM EDT
Topic:  The Art of Influencing Without Authority: Driving Engagement and Collaboration Beyond Positional Power
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"The program is an exceptional use of time as I am able to immediately apply what is being discussed.
Vice President, Optoro 
Each week we will explore topics that will help you drive change and build agility both professionally and personally. 
Example Topic & Resources
Motivation: The core to understanding what we do and why. 
The more we understand ourselves, the better we are able to set ourselves up for
success. Different types of motivation drive different challenges so it is essential to
recognize what motivates you and and how to utilize that to harness your inner drive. 
  • Help you better understand your motivations and how to leverage those insights.
  • Make sense of how and why different things motivate you in different ways at different times.
  • Harness the power of motivation to maximize your impact while minimizing associated costs (e.g., to your wallet, health, relations etc.)
  •  Engage and connect you with others in a more effective and collaborative way.
Whether it’s coaching, training, a workshop, retreat, or another service, AIM Leadership can customize to meet the specific needs of your organization. We are committed to uncovering your strengths and pinpointing the challenges that you, your team, or your organization are facing. We take time to understand the approach that is most effective to ensure you are focusing on results that truly matter.
About Camille Preston, PhD, PCC

Dr. Camille Preston is a business psychologist and the founder and CEO of AIM Leadership—an executive leadership firm that works with leaders, teams, and organizations to align and optimize human capital to drive scalable and sustainable results.
Since founding AIM Leadership in 2004, Preston has helped hundreds of leaders navigate the challenges of today’s disrupted workplace. She also helps teams work together more effectively by discovering how to map priorities, build trust, and optimize systems. A recognized thought leader on leadership, virtual effectiveness, and team optimization, Camille is the author of two books, Rewired and Create More Flow, a regular contributor to Psychology Today, Fast Company, and Thrive, and a sought-after keynote speaker.
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